Not Just Another Code Monkey

Today my coworker (and mentor) mentioned something to me that really stuck in my mind.

I’ve done this kind of work plenty of times. Let’s work together on it. But you making a name for yourself is more important to me than any amount of visibility I would get by leading it.

In my mind this immediately evoked a scene I’ve experienced many times in MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) where the higher level player helps a friend gain experience and finish their quest in order to level them up and get them closer to being on the same playing field. The ultimate goal by doing this is that they can both work together, have fun, and accomplish bigger goals. Needless to say, my mentor has been a great help in nurturing my growth and getting me excited to arrive at work every morning. I think that this mentality is the sign of a great mentor/manager and I aspire to do the same when my time comes.

“Not just another code monkey”

It’s been in the back of my mind since the first day I began to code. Almost anyone can learn to code and pick up basic programming skills from the internet, tutorials, and online courses. The telltale sign of a good programmer/engineer is not just how well they can write code, but also how they think, how they interact with others, how they problem solve, and how they learn.

Today I feel like I’ve been given the chance to showcase my skills and become the person that drives change and features!