First Post via Email

So simple! Plugins are simple to install and activate from the WordPress dashboard.

After signing up for a account and installing the Jetpack plugin, I was able to activate it and authorize it to use my account. Then by generating a special email address that enables me to post via email, I can now send emails to this special email account and it will post them for me!

It allows me to tag the email with special short does which enable categories, tags, delay posting, etc.
Jetpack Info on Email Posting

Why WordPress?

I figured that I should document my reasoning for choosing WordPress for this blog over Jekyll, Octopress, Pelican, or most other popular static site generators. The biggest reason for me was the accessibility of WordPress. I can access the content and update it from my phone or write posts via email! While most static site generators provide a great platform for creating and maintaining a blog via the desktop, very few seem to have the capability to update it when on the go.

Another reason to use WordPress are the themes. The ability to add and switch layouts seamlessly without delving into the code and switching it out yourself makes creating a beautiful blog simple. If you want to make edits to a theme you can (I would suggest using Child Themes so that they are saved between Theme updates). Adding other users who can manage posts or enable comments can all be changed via the dashboard.

Overall, it provides a great platform to blog on for people who don’t want to think about the code behind it.